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02 February 2012 @ 02:42 pm
Got Fear?  
I'm starting a short series of posts dealing with basic tips on over-coming typical issues that keep us from achieving our health and fitness goals.

Why we may fail: FEAR

I think many people have an underlying fear of commitment to live the "fitness lifestyle." What does that phrase mean, anyway? It sounds terrible! It sounds as if it means you'll be measuring food, counting everything, that you have to live in the gym, and follow a strict diet everyday for the rest of your life. It doesn't seem attainable, sounds miserable and overwhelming. That's largely because what I've just described is unattainable and miserable, but luckily, it isn't needed.

The truth is, what I described above is not what it takes to live an active, healthy lifestyle. It's an example of the fitness stereotype based on extremes. I have never and don't weigh food, workout for 4 hours everyday, and deny myself sweets. And I am a professional fitness/graphic art model. In fact, I love sweets, I have them almost every day. The fictional program I described above leadS most women to have an irrational fear of committing to be healthy and active. It becomes a notion of "all or nothing." "I have to do this program perfectly, or else it's pointless." My goal is to get you to replace this way of thinking with the concept of balance.

What is balance? It's finding the right fitness/health regime for you (JUST YOU) that you can maintain and be happy while living your life. I'll address more abut finding your balance in upcoming posts. But know that no two female bodes need the same diet or exercise program. We all have to teak it to find our match. For one person a healthy lifestyle may simply be to reduce their portion size (if they tend to overeat) and walking a few times per week, and yes ladies, these two things can ABSOLUTELY change your body. The person who wants to run 5ks will have different needs.

Thoughts till next time?
tramsosmaitramsosmai on February 2nd, 2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
I feel the same way! When I'm in the gym, I'm gross, I'm sweaty, and I'm not there to mess around. I just want to do my lifts, get disgusting, then take a shower and feel amazing afterwards. I don't really want to hang out and be chatty.