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fitness_femmes's Journal

Fitness Femme Fatales
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Fitness, Glamour, and Friends!
This is a members only group for women who are actively involved in a fitness or weightloss program. The goals of each member will be different, as will be training styles. The vast majority of posts are locked, so that only members can see them. However, we are here and we are active, posting many times per week.

The mods are fitness professionals and have a big group of professional athletes, personal trainers, and nutritionists at hand to ask questions of, and generally give advice. We'd like everyone to post weekly progress, fitness / food log, questions, or concerns, if at all possible.

We are a positive fun loving group, so there's no room for bad attitudes and negative energy.

Click above if you'd like to join, but please note, a mod must approve your membership. Your LJ will be checked to make sure that you are female and are serious about leading a healthy life. Also, please note, we will not approve your membership if you have an eating disorder. We are not doctors. An eating disorder is a serious medical condition that requires professional help. If we suspect that you are ill, we will decline your membership.