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27 February 2012 @ 03:27 pm
More Culprits  
Sorry I missed you all last week. I was out of town for work, and things were a wee bit crazy.

There are many culprits that keep us from achieving our fitness and weight loss goals. Some of these things are obvious, some much less so, some might surprise you.

I'll start with a simple one that has a HUGE impact on most people: MEDIA

In the past two decades or so, we as a society have come to believe that results should come easy. Results should come as a pill, a fad diet, or a 10 minute work out plan. If it's worth having, it should come easy. We can all look like the fitness models in the ad within a couple of short months, and MAN, isn't a couple of months a long damn time!!!!!!

The bottom line is that the model in the ad has likely been training for a good decade. If she competes, she has an off and on season look. The "after" photos are the "on season" look. Only a seasoned professional is able to achieve that level of fat loss in a short period of time, and here's the big one, the underlying conditioning and muscle base are ALREADY THERE. Most of us start with no conditioning and no underlying base. The reality is, it will take most of us several years to look like the fitness model.

One thing I learned when I began this journey is that initial weightloss does occur fairly quickly, as in a couple of months, but the conditioning results or changes in the body composition take a very long time.

This information should not deter us. It should encourage us to set realistic goals so that we don't become discouraged and give up. Worse, I see many women declare after a couple of month of training that "there is something wrong with their body, or that they are cursed to never be in shape." This is a terrible falsehood. It is encouraged by ignorance at the gym, misinformed trainers, and absurd media coverage.

Bodies change at varying rates. A good fitness plan will give you results in both weight loss and overall health. However, if you expect that lean sculpted look in a few short months, it's time to educate yourself concerning the nature of the female body. If you commit to a long term plan, you will have amazing results. But please be patient.